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For Ken and Vicki Miller, Achieving the Big Picture
Comes From Combining All the Right Elements

Whether it's as husband and wife or partners in business, Ken and Vicki Miller's success is precipitated by a mutual understanding of how to achieve their ultimate goal. As a leading real estate team, they combine their unique talents to ensure their clients' goals come to fruition.

You often hear people talk about wanting to achieve the "big picture" and make their life's aspirations a reality, but it's not often you meet two people who understand what it takes to get there. For Ken and Vicki Miller, it's not only about pursuing the goals they set for themselves, but also paying attention to the little details that are an integral part of making those special dreams come to fruition. Whether it's in their role as business partners or maintaining a successful marriage for over 42 years, Ken and Vicki know that having a combination of innovative vision and careful planning can create a picture worth a thousand words.

Portrait of Success
Ken and Vicki discovered long ago how their respective attributes make for the perfect mix when they focus on a mutual objective. With Ken's degree in economics and Vicki's degree in business administration, they brought their business expertise together to open and operate a framing company which prospered for over 10 years. Combining Ken's knowledge of logistics and interpersonal skills with Vicki's eye for creativity and design, they not only achieved the big picture of entrepreneurial success, but also helped people display their art in a way they never knew was possible.

The Perfect Combination
No matter what their mutual endeavors are, Ken and Vicki Miller are continually amazed by how well their diverse talents complement each other. While Ken is an analytical thinker with a soft-spoken, compassionate demeanor, Vicki is determined, outgoing and focused. They know that bringing these qualities together is what enables them to accomplish the same goal and leave no detail unaddressed. It's been the catalyst behind their approach to helping their clients' achieve the picture of success for one of the most important decisions of their life.

As one of the area's leading real estate teams, the unique combination of Ken's foresight and empathetic nature and Vicki's tenacious drive to facilitate a positive outcome ensures that the best interests of their clients are protected on all levels. They understand that buying or selling a home is not only an analytical process with many important investment decisions to consider, but also an emotional event, Ken and Vicki immerse themselves in the needs of their clients to make sure every single objective has been met with meticulous care.

Picture Perfect Results
Whether clients are looking to buy the perfect home or sell their longtime residence for maximum return, Ken and Vicki are experienced in handling a wide variety of needs. From initial consultation through close, they pride themselves on taking the guesswork out of a move-making it less stressful and freeing their clients up to make the most efficient use of their time. Whether clients are looking to buy or sell a home, Ken combines his sophisticated marketing plans and attention to every detail with Vicki's ability to understand client's needs to ensure the results they want and deserve.

They may have two completely different personalities, but when you work with Ken and Vicki Miller you can be sure that their approach to helping you achieve your goals has one common factor-peak performance. Why settle for anything less than two professionals who offer everything you could ask for in a real estate team. Ken and Vicki are creating A Picture of Success. Call them today for a free consultation.

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Ken Miller & Associates

Ken and Vicki Miller
Ken Miller & Associates
11725 SW Queen Elizabeth St. #A
King City, OR 97224

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